Business & ICT

2008 - 2009 curricula of the Degree Programme in International Business Management, MBA

Master’s thesis

AY07116 Master’s  thesis, 18 credits

Objective: The purpose of the Masters thesis is to develop student’s ability to carryout applied research and development activities.  It is the application of knowledge and skills of international business management on a specific area of the student’s choice and in her/his stockholder’s organization. Therefore, the thesis work is a development project geared to solving working life problems. Among the competences to be developed are: competence in applied research methodology and process, company development competences. For example, how to analyze firm’s operations, how to identify and select development options and how to implement development plans.

  • Development  project work
  • Development plan
  • Methodological studies.
  • Development activities and development project
  • Development of own work.
  • Implementation.

Learning strategy: Project development activities, seminar sessions, thesis work and submission.


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