Business & ICT

2009 - 2010 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, BBA

Line-specific professional studies

Information security, 27 credits

Data security of workstations, Server operating systems, Server security, Network security:

Students learn how to install and configure a safe workstation for an end user. They study virus protection and firewalls, security of e-mail, Internet security and how to make backups.

The students learn how to install, configure and operate server operating systems and directory services. Topics are: operating system selection, server roles, installation, updating, troubleshooting, hardware and application management, services, storage and file management, networking, system maintenance and recovery.

Students learn the security functions in server operating systems. They study how to implement security and what configuration tools are available and how to use them.

The students learn how to protect the network from intruders and attacks. They study network devices and their security configurations and weak points. Topics to study are: Intrusion points, attack types, switches, routers, network cabling, NAT, DHCP, VLAN, IDS, firewall, DMZ, Internet connections, protocols, wireless communication and devices.

Main subjects:

  • Data Security of Workstations, 3 credits
  • Server Operating Systems, 6 credits
  • Information Security - Management and Strategy, 6 credits
  • Server Security, 3 credits
  • Network Security, 6 credits
  • Domain Analysis and Security, 3 credits

Detailed information (course content and material, learning methods and evaluation criteria) will be in the course implementation plan.

Items of Assessment: Substance topic lectures (about 50 % of the total amount of credit units), exams and/or group work and individual assignments, reports and presentations.



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