Business & ICT

2011 - 2012 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Business Management, BBA

Elective studies

12E010 International Business Context, 3 credits


12E011 Corporate Governance, 3 credits


  • to introduce corporate governance as a system that rules and regulates the relationship between firm owners and their managers within different legal systems. 
  • to analyze and assess the functions of the OECD Principles as guidelines for good corporate governance
  • to familiarize with the differences between non-listed family-owned companies and listed firms
  • to introduce different board systems for implementing Corporate Governance

Learning outcomes:

  • to understand the various theories that underlie the development of corporate governance
  • to be aware of the impact of the form of legal system, capital markets and ownership on the development of corporate governance
  • to understand and assess critically the OECD principles of Corporate Governance
  • to analyze and assess the roles that shareholders and other stakeholders can play in firms and the development of corporate governance
  • to be aware of the predominance of family-owned firms in the world
  • to compare and contrast the possibility of good corporate governance in family-owned firms and listed firms.
  • to understand the roles, duties and responsibilities of board members related to the different board systems

Method: Case-studies, lectures, class exercises and discussions


  • Mallin, C.A. 2007. Corporate Governance, Oxford University Press 2nd edition.
  • Clarke, Th. 2004. Theories of Corporate Governance, Routledge.
  • Oecd. Principles of Corporate Governance.
  • Articles

Examination: Scale from 1 - 5

12E012 Knowledge and Innovation Management, 3 credits


12E013 Network Marketing Management, 3 credits

Objective: To advance students’ competence in business relationships and network management from the point of marketing view. To provide the students with some theoretical tools and models so that students are able to analyse business relationships and networks and their management in marketing perspective.

The Content of the Course:

  • Business relationships, analysis and management
  • Networks analysis and management
  • Some perspective for competence and competence-based competition and value net management

Learning and teaching methods: Lectures c. 20 hours and case-exercises and exam

Literature and other material:

  • Compendium of articles and handouts during lessons

Assessment: Exam and the assignments 100 %, given assignments approved, all parts contributing to the final grade of the course. All the assignments are to be completed in given time. The assignments can increase or lower the grade of the exam.

12E014 Foreign Languages, 3 credits

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