Business & ICT

2011 - 2012 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Business Management, BBA

The aim of a Bachelor’s thesis is to develop and display the preparedness of students to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical expert task connected with professional studies. The extent of the Bachelor’s thesis is 15 credit units. It will be prepared from a subject related to the main subjects and the working life. Students can preliminary discuss the theme already during their practical training; the University gets assignments from the working life and the projects of the R&D Department of the school also offer interesting themes for a Bachelor’s thesis.

The students will be able to start preparing their Bachelor’s theses after performing adequately studies in several subjects and completing their practical training, altogether appr. 150 credit units. They have to have a sufficient knowledge of and skills in research methodology and project work.

The progress of the work from a theme initiative to a complete Bachelor’s thesis is described in detail in the Instructions for preparing a Bachelor’s thesis; students will have a right to get instruction in different stages of the work. A Bachelor’s thesis can be written either in Finnish, Swedish or English or in some other language related to the curriculum of the degree programme when agreed upon. For graduation students will also have to prepare a maturity test in the field of their Bachelor’s thesis.

A Bachelor’s thesis will be assessed by the instructor(s) and the committant on a scale from 1 - 5. The final assessment will be done by the Research Group of the department. The assessment grounds are given in the Instructions for preparing a Bachelor’s thesis.

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