Business & ICT

2011 - 2012 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Business Management, BBA

Practical Training
Professional in Working Life, 30 cu

The student works productively and responsibly in a training place or a project. The student applies own field-specific competences in working life situations under supervision of the representatives of the university (company ambassador) and the training place.

Supervised/unsupervised training, 30 cu

Bachelor’s degree includes a practical training conducive to professional skills. The general aim of the practical training is to make students apply and evaluate the knowledge and skills they have acquired during studies in the line-specifically central work tasks in practice in a controlled way. The extent of the practical training is 30 credit units.

The students will have to have appr. 90 credit units of studies performed before taking the supervised training. In the number of credit units demanded the unsupervised training performed before the start of studies will not be taken into account. The practical training is usually carried out during the third academic year of the studies either in Finland or abroad.

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