Business & ICT

2012 curriculum of the Degree Programme in International Business Management, MBA

The Kemi-Tornio multidisciplinary Master’s programme attracts talents. They commit to upgrade and enhance their business skills and competences to meet the requirements of the multicultural and -lingual market. The programme provides them expertise in different aspects of entrepreneurship, marketing, management and finance in international business context.

Themes of the programme:

  • Business in Context
  • Management of Resources
  • International Business Environment
  • Organizations and Behaviour  
  • Strategy: Building the Master Mind
  • Business Research Methods
  • Master’s thesis

The flexibility of the programme combines joint course ware, virtual modules and projects, which are carried out in close co-operation with international partner institutions. The programme allows the talents to benefit from blended and participatory learning methods, which adds value to the programme as well the fact that it provides opportunities to link theory and practice. The novel practices are combined with best practices from business life and education. These are for instance network in project and team work, coaching and learning portfolio. This is to underpin the future orientation of the programme and to strengthen the competences of the talents.

The programme is tailor-made for talents with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or other adequate higher education degree and who works in international business or pursues career in international business. The applicants are required minimum of 3 years working experience after graduation.

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