Health Care & Social Services

2008 - 2009 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Social Services, Bachelor of Social Services

The goal of the degree programme is to train professionals for social services, especially for community work and social protection. A Bachelor of Social Services is prepared to understand, counsel and support clients of different ages in different situations of life. He/she has a broad view of the society, an ability to develop work and social services, and to work in networks. The education provides the students with proficiency in client-oriented work, as well as in development, planning, guidance and supervision.

Bachelors of Social Services are employed mainly by the public administration, municipalities and by private or third sector organisations.

The language of instruction is English and the programme is open for students from Finland and other countries. The programme has an international perspective and aims at strengthening the students’ intercultural competences to work in diverse professional tasks in the social field, both in Finland and in international environments. 




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