Health Care & Social Services

2009 - 2010 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Nursing, Bachelor of Health Care

Bachelor’s Thesis

52AN025 Bachelor’s Thesis, 15 credits

Learning outcomes and contents of the course: The students get acquainted with the research subject of their field, can choose the topic of their theses, and make a plan to realise it. The students can utilize the methods of qualitative and quantitative research in an appropriate way with respect to their theses. They understand scientific thinking and the significance of nursing research to the development of their field. The students comprehend the ethical basis of nursing research and get prepared for project work in working life. In the maturity test the students demonstrate their language skills and knowledge of the subject of their thesis.

Literature and other material: 

  • Provided at the beginning of the course

Evaluation of the course: Grading scale 1 - 5. Continuous evaluation. The maturity test is graded pass/fail.




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