Health Care & Social Services

2010 - 2011 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Social Services, Bachelor of Social Services

Bachelor’s thesis

44S035E  Bachelor’s thesis 15 credit units

Objective of the course: The objective of a thesis work is to develop readiness in students to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical expert assignment connected with professional studies. Student do a thesis work connected with one current question in the social field by applying research methods which student have learnt from lectures and in individual instruction. In order to be able to do a thesis work student gets deeper acquaintance with scientific philosophic questions and research strategies, collecting material and methods of analysis relevant in own work. Student reports thesis work in writing. A thesis work can be in the form of a treatise, it can be functional, audio-visual etc. A thesis work must always include a written part.

Learning methods of the course: Seminars on research planning, seminars on thesis work, direction in a small seminar and in a  thesis work and a maturity test.

Literature and other materials: Substance literature on the reseach subject and relevant methodological literature.

Assessment: Passed on the scale from 1 to 5. In the evaluation of the thesis work attention is paid both to managing in the process and reporting. The language and the form are evaluated by a teacher of English language and communications and the substance by counsellor(s) for the contents and if needed a specialist from outside. Only one grade is given for the work. Evaluation includes theme selection, working, performance, results, conclusions, reporting, scientific or artistic touch, working life connection and cooperation.


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