2008 - 2009 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Information Technology, Bachelor of Engineering

The study in software engineering specialization option is focused on software planning methodologies and programming.

In the education special emphasis is laid on learning the construction of reliable hardware related real time applications. To be able to succeed in studies and later at work, the students should be persistent and hardworking and have talents for abstract reasoning.

The teaching in the programme aims at providing the students with the skills that enable them to make a career in software design or in some other expert positions. Due to the multicultural study atmosphere, where all the studies are completed in English, the programme will give good educational background for making a successful career in international assignments.

The study method is project based learning. Projects are based on teamwork, which prepares students for working life. The studies include professional subjects such as computing, digital electronics, signal theory, mathematics and science, communication and documentation. In addition, students will be trained in languages, business and management.

About half of the studies are carried out in projects, which all follow the theme of the term and last the entire term. The other half of the studies is made up of lectures, tutorials and home assignments. Dur-ing the first year, the project teams consist of 5 - 6 students; the number of team members becomes smaller gradually and finally, in the fourth year, the teams will consist of 1 - 2 students.

The projects are extensive (12 ECTS) and every project is multidisciplinary, covering the content of several traditional courses. Each project is supported by two separate courses containing lectures and tutorials closely related to the project. In addition, each term includes 2 or 3 courses outside the project.

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