2008 - 2009 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Information Technology, Bachelor of Engineering

Basic studies
Introduction Studies

3I1001 Learning Skills and the Professional Growth, 3 credits


3I1002 Project and Team Work, 3 credits


3I1003 Introductory Project, 6 credits


2B1107 Computer Technology Project, 6 credits


Finnish or Swedish

3I1004 Finnish for Foreigners or 3I1005 Swedish, 3 credits


Business Studies

3I1006 Business and Innovations, 3 credits



3I1007 Basic Mathematics, 3 credits


3I1008 Linear Algebra, 3 credits


3I1009 Difference Equations, 3 credits


3I1010 Mathematical Computer Tools, 3 credits


3I1011 Spectral Analysis, 3 credits


3I1012 Statistics and Coding Theory, 3 credits



3I1013 Basics of Mechanics and Thermology, 3 credits


3I1014 Oscillation and Waves, 3 credits


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