2008 - 2009 curriculum of the Degree Programme in Information Technology, Bachelor of Engineering

Common professional studies
Electric Circuits

3I2050 Basics of Electric Circuits, 3 credits


3I2051 AC and DC Circuits, 3 credits


Analogue Electronics

3I2052 Basics of Analogue Electronics, 3 credits


3I2053 Analogue Electronics Project, 12 credits


Programming and Information Systems Development

2B1201 Basics of Programming (C Language), 3 credits


3I2061 Software Engineering, 3 credits


3I2062 Object-based Design with UML, 3 credits


3I2063 Linux Programming, 3 credits


3I2064 Linux Programming Project, 12 credits


2B2208 Java Programming, 3 credits


3I2056 Object-oriented Programming (C++ and Windows Programming), 3 credits


2B3204 Software Design Project, 12 credits


2B6205 Software and System Testing, 3 credits


2B3206 Databases, 3 credits


2B4207, Programming Project, 12 credits


Computer Technology

3I2059 Basics of Computer Technology, 3 credits


2B5208 Operating Systems, 3 credits


2B6210 Data Network Operating Systems, 3 credits


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